Population and health needs

Population and health profile

A large proportion of our population live outside the main urban areas (approximately 60 per cent). 
Our large rural population presents diverse challenges in service delivery and accessing health services.

Future Focus health profiles peopleWaikato DHB projected population by ethnicity for 2015/16

  • Māori  88,295
  • Pacific  11,245
  • Other  292,230
  • Total  391,770

Read more about our Waikato DHB population in our Statement of Intent(external link) pages 13 to 16.

Understanding our population's health profile helps us focus on where we can make the greatest gains in terms of our strategic outcomes, as well as for planning and prioritisation of programmes at an operational level. In 2015 a series of health profiles (Future Focus: Health profiles) was developed for each territorial authority within the Waikato DHB health district, and for the overall district. View them here