Future Focus

Future Focus is a planning resource developed by our Public Health unit which provides data and information related to identified health priority areas and priority population groups in the Waikato DHB region.


Maori and Pacific Health ProfilesFuture Focus assists with service planning within the region for health and non-health sectors, enables cross-sector alignment of activity and informs service delivery for our Public Health unit. Future Focus has undergone significant changes in the way the information is presented over the last year, to ensure the information is easy to understand, informative and user-friendly. 

Territorial Authority (TA) health profiles

In 2015 a health profile was developed for each Territorial Authority (TA) within our Waikato DHB region which shows the latest statistics on demographics, key health issues, socioeconomic determinants, and projections utilising infographics. Tables show more detailed statistics such as comparisons between TA and DHB, Maori and Non-Maori, and development over time.  

 Click on the Health Profiles below to view for different territorial authorities.  

Māori and Pacific health profiles

A Waikato DHB region specific profile for both Māori and Pacific has recently been developed by our Public Health unit.  These profiles provide a snapshot of key statistics around the health and wellbeing of the Māori and Pacific populations across the Waikato DHB region.  The health indicators used in this document are reported in an info-graphic style and are structured specifically to Māori and Pacific models of health. The main sources of statistical information contained in these documents are from Statistics NZ Census, Waikato DHB Health Register, Ministry of Health and for the Pacific profile we have been able to obtain some Primary Care data.  We have made a conscious effort whilst providing an overview of the health and wellbeing of Māori and Pacific across the Waikato region, to highlight the positive changes seen over time with health statistics for Māori and Pacific populations.

 Future Focus

Waikato DHB health profile [PDF, 332 KB]
 Pacific Health Profile l Waikato DHB [PDF, 1.6 MB]
 Māori Health Profile l Waikato DHB [PDF, 2.5 MB]
Health profiles of territorial authorities within the Waikato DHB health district:
Thames / Coromandel [PDF, 350 KB]
Hauraki [PDF, 351 KB]
Hamilton City [PDF, 377 KB]
Matamata / Piako [PDF, 349 KB]
Waikato District [PDF, 352 KB]
Waipa [PDF, 349 KB]
Otorohanga [PDF, 354 KB]
South Waikato [PDF, 338 KB]
Waitomo [PDF, 351 KB]
Ruapehu [PDF, 349 KB] 
Documents below are based on older data, but may still be useful.
Māori health [PDF, 1.4 MB]
Children and youth [PDF, 1.7 MB]
Older persons [PDF, 438 KB]
Healthy environments [PDF, 712 KB]
Infectious disease [PDF, 219 KB]
Injuries [PDF, 301 KB]
Chronic conditions [PDF, 533 KB]
Appendix [PDF, 1.1 MB]