Mental Health Services for Older People

This is a mental health service for people 65 years and over. 

Most referrals will be initially assessed in their place of residence by a community mental health nurse or doctor (consultant or registrar).
The team also includes social workers, psychologists, and occupational therapists. 


Ward OPR 1
Level B2
Older Persons and Rehabilitation Building, Gate 3, Pembroke Street (west side), Hamilton 

Outpatient clinics
Level B1, Older Persons and Rehabilitation Building, Gate 3, Pembroke Street (west side), Hamilton

Contact information

Phone: (07) 839 8603, Fax: (07) 839 8737

Crisis Service

  • The Service aims to provide an urgent response to all patients over 65 years between Monday – Friday 8am–4pm.
  • This service is often provided in conjunction with the Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team.
  • Out of hours the Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (CAT) may be contacted on: 0800 50 50 50.

Referral information

Referrals are accepted from all sources.
However, we prefer the involvement of the General Practitioner using the guidelines for referrals.

All referrals are assessed on the content of information supplied and treated accordingly.

Entry criteria

  • People over 65 with a functional disorder (unless under care of the Adult Mental Health Service in past year). 
  • People with dementias with associated significant psychological and behavioural disorders (BPSD).

People with uncomplicated dementia with significant physical assessment requirements should be referred to the Older Persons and Rehabilitation (OP&R) using its Single Point of Entry Referral Form [PDF, 46 KB]).
Patients with acute confusional states (delirium) should be referred to General Medicine or Older Persons and Rehabilitation.