Nursing and Midwifery Directorate

Nusing and Midwifery

The Nursing and Midwifery directorate provides professional advice, support, direction and leadership for nursing and midwifery across the Waikato District Health Board and those working in the wider health sector in the DHB’s area.

The directorate’s activities are carried out by:

  • Clinical nursing and midwifery directors
  • Professional Development Unit (PDU). This unit’s work includes professional development for nurses, midwives and hospital-based health care assistants.


The directorate consists of the director, three clinical nurse directors (CNDs), and one clinical midwifery director (CMD).

Director of nursing and midwifery
The director reports to the chief executive, and works in partnership with the chief operating officer, chief medical advisor. The role is responsible and accountable for:

  • overall management and delivery of nursing /midwifery practice
  • education and professional development
  • overseeing the development and renewal of relevant policies
  • engaging with the educational sector around service requirements.

Clinical Nurse/Midwife Directors (CND/CMD)
These senior nursing and midwifery roles form nursing and midwifery directorate, under the direction of the director of nursing and midwifery.

The roles are primarily responsible for the professional oversight and direction of nurses and midwives within their defined area of responsibility (see list of key personnel)

Nurse Director, Waikato Hospital (reports operationally to the group manager of Waikato and Thames hospitals, but professionally accountable to the director of nursing and midwifery)

Key personnel

Sue Hayward
Director of Nursing and Midwifery

Corli Roodt
Clinical Midwife Director 

Cheryl Atherford
Clinical Nurse Director
Professional Development

Kate Yeo
Clinical Nurse Director
Primary, Community, Older Persons and Rehabilitation, and Rural Hospitals

Carole Kennedy
Clinical Nurse Director
Mental Health and Addictions

Suzanne Lawes
Nurse Director
Waikato Hospital


Waiora Waikato Hospital Campus

  • Director of Nursing and Midwifery, Level 9, Menzies Building
  • Directorate, Percival Flats, Ohaupo Road, Hamilton
  • Professional Development Unit, Percival Flats, Ohaupo Road, Hamilton

Contact information

Waikato Hospital Operator: (07) 839 8899 for all services and departments