Clinical nurse specialists

The Rural and Community clinical nurse specialists are registered nurses who have specialised in a particular area of community-based nursing care. 

These areas are:

  • Continence
  • Gerontology
  • Waikids (children's health)
  • Wound Care

More information about:

Clinical nurse specialist - Continence

The clinical nurse specialist for continence is based in Hamilton but covers the Waikato DHB area. The role provides expert clinical assessment, treatment and management to patients with complex continence issues. Continence is the ability of a person to control the release of their urine or faeces.


The clinical nurse specialist (CNS) for continence: 

  • triages all referrals for continence in the community
  • covers Waikids childrens clinic and spina bifida clinic as required
  • provides advice/education to the public health nurses enuresis programme (bedwetting and other uncontrolled urinating in older children) 
  • provides education to community staff, community hospitals, private providers on continence assessment and management
  • manages the credentialing process for male catheterisation for district nurses . Provides education on male catheterisation to private hospital registered nurses where appropriate
  • facilitates and mentors a Thames clinic nurse and a community continence champions group
  • monitors/reviews/develops guidelines, procedures, pathways, assessment tools and education resources related to continence
  • develops/conducts audits
  • liaises with Waikato Hospital CNS: Continence
  • advises community services equipment and supply staff and patients on clinical issues relating to product supply
  • advises/educates/reviews product use for clinical effectiveness and cost efficiency. Participates in trials and advises on product changes when necessary.


Based at Rural and Community services
15-17 Vialou Street Hamilton
Regional focus – covers Waikato DHB area.

Contact information

Phone (07) 8383565 ext.22114
Mobile 021 227 4487


Patients must be referred by a health professional.
Referrals are faxed to the Community Regional Referral Centre fax: 07 858 1071