Strategy and Funding

The role of Strategy and Funding is to assess the health needs of the population and develop strategies on how to meet those needs, allocate available funds to purchase services that align with the strategy, and manage the relationships and contracts with service providers.

This is a major function of the Waikato District Health Board. (The other major function is the direct provision of health and hospital services).


Strategy and Funding

  • uses health needs analysis to assist the development of plans and strategies
  • creates tools to ensure equitable and acceptable spending of scarce health funds
  • works closely with providers to ensure the effective delivery of quality healthcare services within available funding
  • analyses and understands the health needs of the Waikato population
  • informs health service providers of the probable future purchasing direction of the DHB.
  • negotiates the total funding package for Waikato DHB with the Ministry of Health
  • creates tools to ensure equitable acceptable and effective spending of health funds
  • acts for the Waikato DHB in local, regional, national, technical and strategic forums working on the development of funding and pricing as well as service and purchasing frameworks.
  • ensures effective relationships with providers of healthcare services purchased by the Waikato DHB
  • manages requests for proposals for services
  • negotiates and agree contracts with providers
  • monitors providers reporting requirements 
  • works on a national level with the Ministry of Health, and other DHBs.

Key personnel

Julie Wilson
Executive Director
Strategy and Funding


Waiora Waikato Hospital Campus, Pembroke Street, Hamilton.

  • Level 3, Hockin Building

Contact information

Waikato Hospital Operator: (07) 839 8899 for all services and departments

Health providers/contractors can contact us at:
Ph: (07) 834 3646
Fax: (07) 839 4327