Countdown kids appeal 2017 feature
Countdown kids appeal 2017 feature
The appeal is now in its eleventh year and has raised more than $10.4 million since it first began in 2007.

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Our wish list for 2017

Cardiovascular ultrasound system $137,750

Primarily situated in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the cardiovascular ultrasound system is used to scan baby’s hearts and brains, giving valuable diagnostic information. All children diagnosed with cardiac problems are monitored with this system on an ongoing basis. It is also used for post cardiac surgery patients.

Giraffe Warmer for NICU $23,100

The Giraffe Warmer for NICU provides uninterrupted thermal heat, resulting in a warm and developmentally supportive environment for the baby. It gives complete access and visibility for clinical staff and parents.

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