Falls minimisation

Falls are the leading cause of injuries to older people, yet many falls can be prevented and therefore the DHB has built a  ‘best practice’, standardised toolkit of fall prevention guidance, (interventions/resources), for colleagues to use at any time, both with patients and their families to help prevent falls, especially for older people receiving care in hospital.

Fall prevention continues to be a national and local priority, and within the Waikato DHB, we are all working together to predict, protect and prevent our patient’s from falling and incurring any harm from falls.

Falls hurt – and it’s up to all of us to prevent them, preventing falls is everyone’s business, starting at orientation. Staff complete the ‘Upright’ fall prevention education and training, which gives guidance and aims to help reduce the number of patients falling within our care and prevent  patients suffering any harm, if they do fall and hurt themselves

Upright resources