Business visitors

Are you visiting on business? Please be aware that business visitors do not have unauthorised access to Waikato DHB facilities.
You need to make sure you have arranged the visit with an appropriate person in advance, that you are clearly identified and that you adhere to the procedures on each campus.

Waikato DHB's visiting policy covers all business visitors (includes suppliers, vendors, contractors, hawkers/peddlers, non Waikato DHB suppliers and any persons visiting for the purpose of business advancement) to all Waikato DHB sites.

The policy also covers persons collecting on behalf of a charitable organisation.

This policy is designed to :

  • Manage health and safety risk associated with visitors being on site.
  • Provide a security process to manage access and egress.
  • Provide staff with guidance on authorising access.
  • Provide staff with authority to challenge and control access.

Where a business visitor or charitable organisation does not comply with this policy they will be requested to leave immediately and if they fail to do so will be escorted off the campus by security or in the case of our facilities without security arrangements in place, by staff members authorised to do so by the Chief Executive.

Refer also to our Information for suppliers page