Open for better care campaign

Open For Better Care logoWaikato DHB has joined the Health Safety and Quality Commission's national patient safety campaign "Open for better care" which focuses on four areas of harm:

  • Falls
  • Infections
  • Surgery
  • Medications 

Read about the national campaign at link)

Waikato DHB activities in these four priority areas

Quality and Safety Markers

The Health Safety and Quality Commission has established quality and safety markers (QSMs) which help check how successful the Open For Better Care campaign is in those organisations that are taking part.

How is Waikato DHB tracking against the QSMs?

The national Quality and Safety Markers (QSM) report covering theJuly to September 2015 period was released by the Health Quality and Safety Commission on 18 December 2015.

Overall results were positive for Waikato DHB. We continue to give specific attention to hand hygiene which is so important to reduce risk of infection, and where we are just below the new target of 80%. While we did not quite make the target across the surgical site infection makers, we are improving. 

View the latest results here(external link) (and previous results are also available)

Mo Neville

Mo Neville, assistant group manager Quality and Patient Safety at Waikato DHB.


 Consumer information and involvement

Open for better care means putting consumers at the centre of care and hearing what they have to day.

Waikato DHB has developed a new consumer feedback and complaints policy which aims to:

  • place patients/services user at the heart of feedback and complaints processes. 
  • encourage communication between the DHB and patients/service users 
  • ensure we are responsive to consumer feedback, and in the case of complaints, that we handle these promptly, with sensitivity, and learn from them. 
  • make it easy for people to provide us with feedback, in whatever form – whether, a compliment, a comment or a complaint. 
  • promote early resolution of complaints – sometimes before a formal complaint is made.

You can make a compliment, comment or complaint at any time by using our online form.

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