Reducing falls

A fall can be life-changing for an older person and his or her family/whānau. In hospitals, where patients have the right to a safe environment and safe care, falls resulting in harm are seen as a critical area for improvement.

The DHB has established a high-level Falls Prevention Committee, which meets quarterly and a specialist DHB-wide falls expert reference group meets as necessary.

Work continues to focus on

  • raising awareness of patient fall prevention,
  • improved staff, patient and carer knowledge,
  • the promotion of a multi- disciplinary approach to reducing patient harm through falling

under the umbrella of our Upright programme.

Staff have access to a fall prevention ‘tool kit’, developed from trials and introductions of a variety of best practise interventions, which includes:

  • on-slip socks 
  • sensor and cushioned mats/Invisabeam
  • ultra low beds 
  • prescription of Vitamin D 

Waikato DHB has set the target of reducing harm caused by patient falls by 10 per cent this year (2014/15).

For information about how to prevent or reduce falls at home, click here