Choosing a GP or medical centre

Things to consider are:General Practitioners

  • Where they are located – is it convenient to your home or work?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the way they deal with you?
  • Do they offer the range of services you want? (For example, you might prefer to have access to your GP record online; or you may want a GP who works a lot with children).
  • Is there a doctor on the team that you would particularly like to see? For example someone of the same ethnicity, a woman doctor, etc.
  • Their fees. Check some of the standard fees on the PHO websites listed on the page What is a PHO?

More information on Zero fees for under 13 year olds [PDF, 215 KB]

GP practice locations

This list shows the address and phone number of GP practices and medical centres within Waikato DHB's area.

Last updated 29 June 2017

Find directions: Google maps(external link) 

Other health services:

If you’re looking for other health services in the Waikato DHB area visit link).