About SmartHealth

SmartHealth helps connect you with the care you need, when you need it, letting you live well, stay well, get well.

We are facing huge demands in healthcare. With scarce resources, a declining workforce, an aging population and an increase in long term conditions like diabetes, we need to change the way we deliver services, making them more efficient and moving them closer to people’s homes. 

SmartHealth is an innovative solution that can help us meet these future challenges.

When you sign up for SmartHealth you get access to HealthTap, an online platform and mobile app you can use to talk to free out of hours doctors, access doctor-approved health information, schedule online outpatient appointments with hospital specialists and link everyone in your care team together.

Read on for more background information about SmartHealth, and please sign up so that you're ready to use SmartHealth when you need it.

What is SmartHealth(external link)

What is SmartHealth?

SmartHealth is part of Waikato DHB's virtual health care service, which includes SmartHealth powered by HealthTap, along with TeleHealth and other initiatives. SmartHealth is about increasing health equity and enabling healthy communities by:

  • empowering patients to manage their own health
  • giving patients a say in when and where their healthcare is delivered
  • improving access to timely care for everyone no matter who they are or where they live
  • delivering services closer to home to make it more convenient for patients.

What is HealthTap?

HealthTap is a global mobile health company we have partnered with for a two year trial. HealthTap is the current provider of the platform we are using to deliver SmartHealth, and the name of the app that patients and clinicians download and register with. HealthTap:

  • uses technology to give health professionals and their colleagues the ability to connect with patients using a smart device or computer, from wherever they are
  • creates a patient-centred clinical record that the whole care team can access
  • integrates with our clinical workstation and GP patient management systems
  • offers doctor-approved health information.

Who can use SmartHealth?

SmartHealth is available to everyone covered by Waikato DHB services - either you are living in the Waikato DHB district [PDF, 403 KB] or you receive tertiary services from us but through another DHB.

See patient support for information about signing up. 

What are the technology requirements to use SmartHealth? 

The HealthTap app is available on Apple and Android smart phones and devices (not Microsoft). You can also log in to HealthTap using a web browser on any internet enabled smart phone, device or computer, including Microsoft. 

To use HealthTap you need to be connected to the internet. You can use mobile data on a smart phone or tablet, or access HealthTap from a computer with a broadband connection. We are working with our telecommunication supplier to address connectivity concerns where we can.

See patient support for information on getting started with SmartHealth. 

Does SmartHealth use up mobile data?

Currently using HealthTap will use people's mobile data. 

We are working with providers to make the HealthTap app 'zero rated' in future, which means it wouldn't use people's mobile data when they have online consultations. 

Is my doctor on SmartHealth?

We are working to sign up Waikato Hospital specialists and different services will be coming on board progressively. We are talking to GPs about opportunities this service can offer their patients too. Usual charges will apply for people receiving services from general practices through SmartHealth.

Are patient’s health records safe?

We are using a cloud-based service and the system sits in the US. It is held at the highest security level. This service is being used by hundreds of thousands of patients in the US and across the world, with thousands of New Zealanders already using the international version of HealthTap too.

We have agreement to use this system from the New Zealand Government's chief information officer.

The patient controls which clinicians are part of their care team, which then allows these clinicians to see the patient records.

While people in New Zealand can access the answers to health questions that have been asked globally, they will only be able to virtually connect to a New Zealand registered health professional and not an overseas health professional.

Although the patient records entered into HealthTap will be able to be accessed through the doctor’s clinical workstation, we are not placing the health records we currently hold in our clinical workstation onto HealthTap.