Connect your care team

As an outpatient you may need easy access to your health care team for support and advice, and ongoing monitoring of your condition. 

When you sign up to SmartHealth you get access to HealthTap, an online platform and mobile app that connects you with free healthcare services using your smart phone, tablet device or computer. 

You can use HealthTap to link everyone in your care team together to better manage your health.

HealthTap can help you stay in close contact with your specialist and care team, allowing you to get quick answers when you need them. You can message your health care team directly about a change in your condition or to ask for advice, getting the reassurance you and your family need.

Link to video about using SmartHealth to connect your care team(external link)

How to add people to your care team

You need to sign up with SmartHealth and activate your account before you can add health care professionals to your care team. Find out more about getting started with SmartHealth.

  1. Open the HealthTap app (smart phone or tablet) or go to (external link)(external link) in a web browser.
  2. Log in using your personal email address and SmartHealth password.
  3. Open the main menu.
  4. Click on Health Care-Team.
  5. Find a doctor using the search function.
  6. Locate your care team members and click on their name.
  7. Click Add to your Care-Team.

For more detailed instructions please read the Guide to add a health professional to your health care team [PDF, 248 KB]

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SmartHealth is available to everyone covered by Waikato DHB services.