Health care professionals support

Support for Health Care Professionals within SmartHealth - HealthTap

Accessing SmartHealth

Use this link to access SmartHealth once you have completed the sign up process (see Getting started below). link)

HealthTap updates

Read the files below for monthly updates about new features and enhancements to HealthTap

Support contact

Please look through the help files. If you cannot find an answer to your question please contact SmartHealth health care professionals support. 

Ph: 0800 100 481 

If you are calling from within the Waikato DHB campus contact extension: 97899.

Getting Started

Creating a profile

Add Role and Specialty

Setting virtual practice office hours

Signing up your patients

Consent form - SmartHealth assistance - Residential facility

Set or reset a password once an account has been created

Virtual Consults

Accept a care team request

Answer questions

Conduct an introductory consult

Conduct an inbox consult

Conduct a live virtual consult

Conduct a Prime live virtual consult

Complete a SOAP Note

Postpone completing a SOAP Note

Printing a SOAP Note

Viewing SOAP Notes

Create a prescription via SmartHealth

Create a prescription via CWS

Remove yourself from a patient's care team

Create resources

Create a tip

Create a checklist

Build community

Message other health care professionals

Peer review

Reviewing - apps, news and treatments