Patient support

Support for patients of SmartHealth

Accessing SmartHealth

Use this link to access SmartHealth once you have completed the sign up and account registration process (see Getting started below). link)

Support contact

Please look through the help files and frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question please contact SmartHealth support.
Ph: 0800 222 551

Signing Up to SmartHealth

How do I sign up?

Residents can also sign up to the service by taking photo ID along to the enquiry desk at Waikato Hospital or to the DHB’s other hospitals at Thames, Te Kuiti, Tokoroa or Taumauranui. 

As part of the sign up process you will need to provide a personal email address and once verified an email will be sent containing a link to get started.

Sign up for minors and people lacking the capacity to manage their own account

There are different processes to sign up if you are a minor, and for those who lack the capacity to manage their own account.

Read the guidelines below for each group to determine the sign up process appropriate for you, and contact your healthcare professional to get signed up. If you’re over 16 years old you can sign up online at link)

Under 14 year olds A parent/legal guardian can set up and manage a SmartHealth account for someone under 14 years old, with the minor informed of this.
14 and 15 year olds

May sign up to SmartHealth on their own, with parental/legal guardian consent.
Can have a SmartHealth account set up and managed by their parent/legal guardian, with the written consent of the minor, if the minor is competent to provide consent.

16 year olds and older May sign up to SmartHealth on their own following the required process
18 year olds and older who lack the capacity to set up and manage an account on their own

A parent/legal guardian may set up and manage an account for someone under the age of 16 years who lacks the capacity to set up and manage their own account.
Once the minor turns 18 years old, their parent/legal guardian must obtain legal authority to continue managing the account.
Someone with legal authority (through a Welfare Guardianship Order, Personal Order or assessed and activated health and welfare Enduring Power of Attorney’s appointment) can set up and manage a SmartHealth account on behalf of a person 18 years and older who lacks the capacity, to set up and manage their own account.

Getting started

How to sign up and complete registration with SmartHealth

Link to guides for signing up and registering with SmartHealth.

Device set up


Updating your health profile

It is important that to maintain profile information like details about allergies, medications and past conditions or treatments for when a health care professional is reviewing those details during a consultation.

Ask a question

Ask a general health question to get an educational text answer

How to receive answers to general health questions.

SmartHealth out of hours doctor service

Connect with one of the out of hours doctors

Consulting with a health care professional using SmartHealth

Accessing health care professionals

One page guide to consulting with out of hours doctors or someone in your care-team.

Patient guide to having an online consultation where the appointment is listed in SmartHealth

Two page guide covering activating your account, preparing for a consultation and attending a booked appointment.

Attend a scheduled consultation where the appointment is listed in SmartHealth

Guide to a consultation where the appointment appears in the upcoming appointments list within SmartHealth.

Consult a health care professional in your care-team using a text message

Consult a health care professional in your care-team using live video or chat

Use this guide when you have arranged a time with a health care professional to have a live consultation.

Schedule an appointment with your health care professional

Steps to booking an appointment where the health professional has allotted time for patients to make bookings.

Health care professionals

Ask a health care professional to be in your health care team.

Steps to locating a specific health care professional and asking them to be part of your health care-team.

Search SmartHealth for health information

Search medical conditions

Search symptoms

Search for nurses, doctors, clinicians, specialists and experts

Search medications

Search procedures

Search for health apps

Goals and to-do lists

Adding to-do lists guide

Completing to-do lists guide

Viewing and completing checklists supplied by a health care professional plus any checklists added as part of a health goal.

Uploading images, photos and files

Uploading files using a browser

Uploading files using an Android device

Uploading files using an Apple iOS device