Coming to Older Persons and Rehabilitation Building

Older Persons and Rehabilitation Building

Older Persons and Rehabilitation Building is a three-storeyed building completed mid-2013. It houses Older Persons and Rehabilitation services (wards and clinics) and Mental Health for Older People services (ward and clinics).

An enclosed pedestrian overbridge links the building with the hospital buildings and all the facilities and amenities there.

For more information about transport, parking, amenities and support on the campus, and accommodation nearby, please refer to the menu list.

How to get there

The building is on the west side of Pembroke Street, across the road from the main group of hospital buildings. We recommend those coming by private transport use

  • Gate 3 to access the drop-off zone and the building entrance.
  • Pembroke Street Carparking Building, about 100m north on Pembroke Street.

If you use the larger Hague Road Carpark Building on the eastern side of the campus

  • either catch a free shuttlebus at Level B4 which will take you to the Older Persons and Rehabilitation Building
  • or take the lift to Level 1 and follow the corridor right through the hospital to the pedestrian overbridge.

Please allow plenty of time to get to your appointment.

Visiting information

Refer to our page on visiting times and visiting tips.
To find a patient’s location we recommend you phone Patient Enquiries (07) 839 8666 before you come in, particularly if you will be visiting in the evening when our Older Persons and Rehabilition reception will be closed..

Reception and clinics

Level B1 which is on street level, just inside the building entrance (Gate 3 on Pembroke Street).
Reception is attended 8.30am to 4.30pm.


There are four wards. Check the signs by the lift to find which level the ward you are visiting is on.
If you are unsure, ask at reception.
Names and location of wards

Facilities and amenities

  • All patient bedrooms have only one or two beds and ensuite bathrooms. There are also three studio rooms with ensuites and kitchens specially designed for patients with special needs or requiring carer training.
  • Large patient and visitor lounges with beautiful lake views.
  • Beverage bays.
  • Gym for rehabilitation, exercising and socialising.
  • Lots of space and many areas have lovely views of trees or the Hamilton Lake.
  • Courtyards designed to be part of the care and rehabilitation environment, and where patients and families can socialise. One courtyard has slopes and stairs that will help patients’ physical rehabilitation and gaining the confidence to handle challenges when they leave hospital.
  • Centralised outpatient services.
  • Pet days when authorised visitors will bring pets in to socialise.
  • More volunteers to provide company to those who have family that aren’t close by.