Your feedback or complaint about our service

What matters to you is important to us. Your feedback helps us improve our services.

If you have an immediate concern about your treatment or care, or the care of a family member, tell us. Many problems can be resolved quickly by talking things over. Speak to a staff member or ask to speak to a  manager e.g. charge nurse, clinical nurse leader or team leader in the department, clinic or ward. If they are not available, ask to speak to the duty manager.

How you can give feedback (comment, compliment) or make a complaint.

  • "Your feedback" forms are available in all clinical areas. Complete and hand the form to a staff member or post in one of the feedback stands.  
  • "Your complaint" forms are available in all clinical areas. Complete the form and return it to us using Freepost.

If you prefer,

  • You can email your complaint to
  • You can also call our consumer feedback and complaints administrator on 07 834 3612
  • You can write a letter to: Administrator Quality and Patient Safety, Waikato District Health Board, Private Bag 3200, Hamilton 3240 

What we will do

  • Complaints will be acknowledged promptly. We will respond to complaints in writing within 20 working days. We need time to investigate your concerns. 
  • Feedback forms will be passed on to the appropriate manager.  You may not receive a written response, but your feedback is appreciated.

Read our Making a complaint leaflet [PDF, 477 KB] here 


Your complaint Click here to send us feedback