Our current projects: A snapshot of now

This is an exciting time to join us. We have completed a major redevelopment of our facilities and new ways of delivering our services - including stronger regional and primary care collaboration.

Best practice patient safety programme

Our patient safety improvement programme draws together international best practice and local staff knowledge in a series of projects to improve the quality of our patient services.
We are part of a national programme led by the Health Quality and Safety Commission New Zealand which includes

  • Medication safety
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Reducing harm from falls
  • Reportable events
  • Health quality evaluation
  • Consumer engagement

Local initiatives include

Productive Wards - releasing time to care, which aims to focuses on improving ward processes and environments to help nurses and therapists spend more time on patient care thereby improving safety and efficiency. The programme is based on a model developed by the NHS Institute for Innovation. 

Clear focus on targets and priorities

More than ever before, we have a clear idea of our aims - a series of national health target and priorities which are regularly reviewed.

These are set out and reported on each year in our annual plan and annual report.