PDRP for nurses

PDRP - Professional Development and Recognition Programme for nurses

  • PDRP is a professional development programme to support nurses with their on-going professional development and career planning.
  • The knowledge and skills required in practice at different PDRP levels is integrated into the Waikato DHB Professional Frameworks for Nurses.
  • The main focus is development of the nursing workforce to meet the diverse needs of health consumers in the Waikato region and improve health outcomes.
  • PDRP is also designed to recognise nurses for their individual level of practice and their contribution to their service. 
  • Nurses are able to prepare and submit a portfolio to meet the continuing competence requirements, or higher level of practice to demonstrate how they meet the competencies for that specific level.
  • It is optional for nurses to prepare a portfolio for PDRP.


Portfolios are considered an essential tool in demonstrating professional accomplishments and documenting professional growth for a variety of professions. 
The value of a portfolio lies in its ability to provide a historical record and, perhaps more importantly, a pathway for future career growth and development.

PDRP for nurses working for external providers 

The Waikato DHB PDRP is available for nurses working for other providers outside the Waikato DHB who hold a current Memorandum of Understanding with the Waikato DHB PDRP.
The programme is available for registered and enrolled nurses. Nurses working for other providers include general practice, mental health, aged residential care and iwi providers.
As the Waikato DHB PDRP is accredited by Nursing Council nurses approved on the Waikato DHB PDRP will be excluded from being audited.

Definitions of Practice Levels 

Documents required for each level 

Generic documents

Ko Awatea - Other providers Waikato DHB PDRP: Quick Guide [DOCX, 41 KB] [DOC, 84 KB]

PDRP Submission form – Other Providers [DOC, 84 KB]
Confirmation of Practice Hours [DOC, 25 KB]

PDRP Guidelines for Other Provider applicants August 2017 [DOC, 285 KB]

Nurse and NM Declaration Form [DOC, 219 KB]
Professional Development Record [DOC, 41 KB]
Guidelines for nurses completing peer reviews [DOC, 157 KB]

PDRP for nurses working for Waikato DHB

The Waikato DHB PDRP is available for nurses employed by Waikato DHB:

  • Registered nurses (Waikato DHB including hospital services, community services and Mental Health and Addictions Service)
  • Enrolled nurses (Waikato DHB including hospital services, community services and Mental Health and Addictions Service)
Please refer to the staff intranet or the PDU for further information.