Practice development

The Professional Development Unit offers the following opportunities for practice development

  • Registered Nurse Leadership Development Programme (Pebbles)      
  • Foundation Learning in Gerontology series
  • Clinical Workshop series for gerontology nurses
  • Leadership Development Programme for registered nurses working in the aged residential  care sector (LARK)
  • Professional/ clinical supervision – individual and group
  • Research utilization and partnership research (with University of Auckland)

A message from nurse coordinator practice development

Practice Development is a term used to describe a variety of methods for developing healthcare practice. It is an established methodology on the international stage and has an extensive body of published literature.


Making a positive difference to patient care and nursing practice is the focus of this role. This is done by utilising science, theory, skills, caring and teamwork through facilitating engagement with and amongst individuals, teams and the organisation in practice development, professional nursing, research, scholarship and mentoring. The work is ensconced firmly and comfortably within the organisations’ corporate strategy.

Futher information on our programmes:

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