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Waikato can be your next home

What are you looking for - career progression?  specialisation? variety? a great place to live?

Waikato DHB is big enough to offer you the full range - from the adrenaline rush of acute nursing to the personal contact of community nursing.

Our main hospital is in Hamilton, a city known for its respected educational facilities, scientific research, events, parks and gardens, fine cuisine, cafes and culture - but we have a number of smaller hospitals, care facilities and community bases dotted across the extensive Waikato district.

Our health board is going through an exciting modernisation programme that includes service and facility improvements - and this offers opportunities for nurses to become involved in service delivery and other projects that impact of patient care or require input from the nursing profession.

So whether you are looking for a specific nursing role, or a special place to live, or a bold career move... check out what Waikato can offer.

What we offer

  • A wide range of nursing roles in acute and medical settings in one of New Zealand's largest tertiary and teaching hospitals
  • District, public health and mental health nursing roles based in urban Hamilton or smaller communities.
  • Nursing roles in our rural hospitals where the range of patients and their requirements really broaden your clinical skills and allow you to develop a wider range of practice.
  • Strong professional development support - a dedicated Professional Development Unit that covers nursing research, practice development, nursing entry to practice, our Waikato PDRP programme, and much more
  • An organisation big enough to offer career roles - clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, nurse educators, nurse managers and clinical nurse directors.

Roles in Waikato DHB nursing

  1. Nursing roles in all medical, surgical, maternity, older persons and adult mental health and addictions specialties at a secondary/tertiary level.
  2. Working as a registered or enrolled nurse at the DHB’s rural hospitals (Taurmarunui, Te Kuiti, Tokoroa and Thames), or in one of our continuing care facilities (in Te Awamutu and Morrinsville).
  3. District nurses in Family Health Teams based in Hamilton and other towns across the district.
  4. Public health nurses - community based roles.
  5. Nurse specialist and nurse manager roles.
  6. Project roles that involve nursing services or require nursing input (often managed as secondments to provide opportunities for talented clinical staff
  7. Nursing Agency is an in house hospital bureau comprising approx 38 FTE RNs and 3 FTE ENs with approximately 12 FTE HCAs (permanently rostered staff).  There is also a casual pool of RNs and HCAs.  We exist to meet Waikato Hospital campus staffing needs 24/7.


Message from the Director of Nursing and Midwifery, Sue Hayward

Sue HaywardThe nursing roles within a variety of settings we offer at Waikato DHB reflect the patient’s journey of care, from community to ward setting and back to the community. They also support a nursing career from the newly registered nurse through to charge nurse managers, nurse managers, clinical nurse director, clinical nurse specialists, nurse educators and nurse practitioners.

The Professional Development and Recognition programme (PDRP) is the programme of choice for Waikato DHB nurses to use to progress their career and build on clinical experience. Nurses are also supported with funding that allows for time to be taken in order to enter into post graduate study, conference and workshop attendance.
“Pebbles” and “Kohatu” are two additional programmes for nurses and also midwives who have less than ten years experience. These programmes build on the leadership potential which the participants have already displayed, exposes them to the wider world of health and how as individuals they can influence the future the health care.

My assurance to any nurse wanting to work within our DHB is that you will have challenges, opportunities, be supported to work to your level of expertise and will be valued by the organisation and by the patients you provide care to.

PRESENTATION: The Profile of Today's Nurse and the Future [PDF, 8.3 MB]


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