Drinking water

Potable water is water that is free from harmful germs and chemicals, and is safe to be used for drinking, food preparation, cooking, hand washing, bathing, showering and teeth cleaning. 

Water contamination can cause illness (diarrhoea and vomiting), which can be particularly dangerous for infants, very old people or people with damaged immune systems. Safe drinking-water is vital for the good health of all who use it.

Population Health has a role to prevent and manage illnesses through promotion of access to safe (potable) drinking water and provision of drinking water information and resources.

For information and resources about drinking water, use the following links:


Drinking water information/resources:

For requests, information, enquiries and complaints on drinking water, please contact Population Health on the following numbers:

  • Population Health phone: (07) 838 2569, 0800800977
  • Health Protection Officer on-call mobile: 021 999 521
  • Medical Officer of Health mobile: 021 359 650

Population Health can be contacted via email on the following generic address: health.protection@waikatodhb.health.nz

Ministry of Health leaflets about specific water-borne illnesses: