Petrina Hunter - a Project Energizer

I started working for Project Energize four years ago, freshly qualified from Wintec with a degree in sports and exercise science and also a post graduate diploma.

Petrina Hunter

Petrina Hunter

I have been a gymnastics coach for many years as well and have seen an attitude shift in young people that being active wasn’t fun and that physical activity in schools was being neglected.

Team Energize appealed to me as I could see that I could make a difference with teachers and children

Being a team member in Energize, gives me the opportunity to show teachers that activity (through sport, physical education and fitness) gives children the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and often unseen ability. I am able to show schools that fit healthy children can contribute more at school, can participate in team situations, and that physical activity can make school life fun!

Health is a person’s biggest asset in life, Project Energize works hard to show that eating healthy and being active improves your health, and can be a lot of fun too!