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Junior doctor’s strike

The union representing junior doctors nationwide, has indicated its members will be going on strike on the following days

8am on Monday 29 April until 8am on Saturday 4 May
Junior doctors are a vital part of the healthcare team at Waikato Hospital and this strike will severely affect our ability to carry out our services. We will need to reduce the number of patients in hospital over the period leading up to and during the proposed industrial action.

We will be de...

Emergency response plans

At times Waikato District Health Board staff have to manage emergency situations or crises. These can include:

acute clinical episodes, such as a cardiac arrest
environmental hazards, such as a hazardous substance spill
breaches of security
bomb threats
utility failure
industrial action
an unexpected influx of acutely ill patients (such as a multi-casualty incident or public health emergency).
Depending on the event, this type of...

Registered Health Professional Leadership Development programme (Pebbles)

Introduced in 2007, the Pebbles programme is a professional development programme for clinically-based registered health professionals provided by the Waikato DHB. Open to health professionals working within the DHB or contracted services. It introduces purposeful development strategies for health professionals to extend clinical leadership expertise and/or prepare for senior roles. The programme recognises and builds on the contribution health professionals make in the provision of safe, effect...

Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Hamilton Sexual Health is a free-to-all and confidential specialist service for people living in the Waikato.

Providing non-judging compassionate care is our core value: we know STI & HIV-related stigma and shame strongly predict harm and our aim is to make it easier for you to get help. We provide clinical management of STIs and HIV and are committed to ensuring people can access gender-affirming care. We have close links with Waikato Hospital’s infec...