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Suicide prevention

Having a low mood that you can’t seem to shake off.

Having little or no interest in doing things that you used to enjoy.

Being grumpy and irritable.

Lack of energy and feeling tired most of the time.

Changes in sleep and eating patterns.

Problems with concentrating and staying focused.

Low self-esteem and loss of libido. 

Feeling empty, lonely and isolated.

Increased use of alcohol or other fo...

Job Café

We offer variety, specialisation, career pathways, training and education opportunities. Whether it’s a permanent move, or a secondment opportunity, this is the place to find it!

We designed this page for current employees of Waikato DHB and it provides access to:

For staff
Jobs for internal applicants only PLUS those that we are targeting as professional development opportunities for staff (even though we are also advertising them externally).


What are the technology requirements to use SmartHealth?

The HealthTap app is available only on Apple and Android smartphones and devices.

You can also log in to HealthTap using a web browser on any internet enabled smartphone, device or computer, including Microsoft smartphones.

To use HealthTap you need to be connected to the internet. You can use mobile data on a smartphone or tablet, or access HealthTap from a computer with a broadband connection. We are working with our telecommunication supplier to address connectivity...