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Who decides if I am safe to drive?

NZTA issues driver licences based on information it receives from a number of sources. Your own general practitioner (GP) oversees your overall health and manages any medical conditions, so they are in the best position to confirm to NZTA your overall medical fitness to drive safely.

Your doctor will also receive information from other health teams involved in your health and wellbeing, including a sleep service if you are referred to one or receiving treatment from one. 
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Work opportunities

... productive living

Additionally we offer opportunities to develop and enhance skills, in the music studio, PC access use, CV generation and budgeting assistance, RE-CYCLE bike building maintenance, individualised wood working skills – including health and safety, power tools usage and assessments, 12 week Cooking programme in-house (iRS) and residential locations, leisure and socially inclusive activities.

May 2018

The third meeting of Waikato DHB’s Consumer Council took place on 3 May 2018.  A robust discussion was held on a range of different matters, including:

Review of engagement activities by the Consumer Council so far – already many opportunities identified.
Seek to engage with members of the Pasifika communities across the Waikato by establishing strong relationships and providing a platform for regular, ongoing dialogue through and with the Consumer Council
A discussion w...

Step 2: Research approval processes

... this link to get information and forms).
Product/device: If your study involves the use of a new product or device/machine, you will be asked for further information to ensure that the items have the appropriate checks (e.g. biomedical, infection prevention and control, health and safety) prior to use.  Full instructions will be forwarded to you by the research office.
Registry/Database: If your study involves adding data to a registry or database held outside of Waikato DHB, you ma...

Cultural support for staff

MihimihiKei te mihi ake ki a tātou e kaha nei ki te hāpai i te oranga o nga tāua te Iwi Māori,
Hēoi, ka mihi tonu mō rātou kua hingahinga atu.
Nō reira, ka āpiti hōno tātai hōno, rātou ki a rātou, ā,
ka āpiti hōno tātai hōno, tātou e waha tonu i te kaupapa o te hauora ki a tātou.
Nō reira kei te mihi ake.

Greetings, to all of us who are energetically involved in the promotion of Māori health;
with special reference to those who have passed away;

Transparency statement

... regulatory compliance responsibilities, and does not gather any information for these purposes.

The security of our staff, those in our care and our premises is managed in accordance with a number of protocols and DHB policies including our Health and Safety Policy, Security Policy, Surveillance Policy, Risk Management Policy, Incident Management Policy, and in compliance with our legal responsibilities and various external standards.

The security of our information is...

Our team

Team rolesAdministrative staff
Responsible for arranging appointments, booking scans, typing medical records, filing, and the day-to-day running of the radiation therapy department. They are also a great source of information for general questions.

Medical Physicists
Performs important roles behind the scenes working in all aspects of radiation therapy. They are responsible for developing and directing quality control programs for equipment and procedures. They also ta...

Corporate and Performance Support

Corporate, Infrastructure and Performance Support servicesWaikato DHB is a large organisation, with more than 6500 employees, many complex facilities and health services distributed over a wide geographical area, and managing funding of about $1.3 billion.

To support the organisation and its delivery of health services, Waikato DHB has a number of corporate, performance and infrastructure services, including:

Business & Support (including Biomedical Engineering and...

Intellectual Disability Clinic (ID Clinic)

Referrals to ID Clinic are internal to Child Development Centre or by specialist referral (e.g. paediatrician at Children’s Clinic).

The Intellectual Disability Clinic (ID Clinic) provides an assessment to establish whether a child or young person has an Intellectual Disability (ID). Intellectual Disability is a life long condition, which affects learning, understanding and problem solving. It is one of the most common causes of ongoing developmental delays and learning difficulties...

Registered Health Professional Leadership Development programme (Pebbles)

Introduced in 2007, the Pebbles programme is a professional development programme for clinically-based registered health professionals provided by the Waikato DHB. Open to health professionals working within the DHB or contracted services. It introduces purposeful development strategies for health professionals to extend clinical leadership expertise and/or prepare for senior roles. The programme recognises and builds on the contribution health professionals make in the provision of safe, effect...