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Application dates

Applications open: Wednesday 16 August 2017 – 9am. 
Applications close: Tuesday 12 September 2017 – 5pm. 
Interviews will be held: From 3 - 5 October 2017, if successful you will be sent an appointment time with full details.
NESP programme start date: Monday 15 January 2018.
NETP Programme February intake start date: Tuesday 14 February 2018.
NETP Programme March intake start date: Monday 26 March 2018.

START (Supported Transfer Accelerated Rehabilitation Team)

Supported Transfer and Accelerated Rehabilitation Team (START)Supported Transfer and Accelerated Rehabilitation Team (START) is part of the Waikato DHB's Older Persons, Rehabilitation and Allied Health service. START is the Waikato DHB service that supports patients to make a safe and quicker transition from hospital to home. It provides the intensive support and rehabilitation some patients need, but in their home rather than through a longer stay in hospital.  It provides intensive rehabi...

What is Rheumatic Fever?

Rheumatic fever is a serious but preventable illness. Rheumatic fever can start with a sore throat caused by a ‘strep throat’ - a  bacterial infection called Group A Streptococcus (GAS). A free throat swab detects strep throats, and a free ten day course of antibiotics (tablets or syrup) kills the strep bacteria and prevents rheumatic fever.

How do I get Meals on Wheels?

Please call our co-ordinator to discuss your needs. Ph 07 839 8899 ex 98121. Due to the popularity of our service we may be unable to supply meals five days a week.

We can post you a start up pack or print out & complete the three forms below

Print and complete the three forms below:

Direct debit form
Direct debit instructions
Information request form
Please send the three completed forms to:

Postal address
Meals on...

Home visits

Many of our community services can involve visits to your home – for example district nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, members of the START team and others.

Our staff will always carry a staff photo identification card.

Please make sure you are at home for the appointment.

What we ask you to do
Restrain and secure any dogs.
Do not smoke during our visits.
Advise us if there are any hazards that may be arou...

A career in health

... range of methods for education and career development including workshops, secondments, mentoring/preceptorships, study leave, as well as online, workshop and classroom-style learning.

Waikato DHB is always looking for talented people at the start of their career or with proven experience.