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Prior to treatment

... Oncologist.

Head and/or neck treatment
Many people having treatment to this area  require an  immobilisation mask to help keep them still.  

After simulationThere is a gap between your simulation appointment and treatment start date.

This time (the planning phase) is used to produce a treatment plan specifically for you. The planning phase is usually between two and four weeks, depending on complexity and cancer type. For some, the gap may be much sh...

Prevocational training

... conditions.
Supports the development of an e-portfolio of clinical and professional development.
PGY2/Senior house doctors teaching programme

A comprehensive, generalist teaching programme designed to develop the new doctor to be ready to start work as a trainee in a chosen field.
Self-directed learning.
Protected Formal Education Course (FEC) teaching time – 3-4 hours of protected time each week to attend teaching sessions (Wednesday 1.30pm – 2.30pm) or ski...

Should I stop smoking now?

It is important to stop smoking if you are planning to become pregnant.

It can take time (and sometimes several attempts) to give up smoking. So the earlier you start, the better. Don't wait until you know you are pregnant.

Smoking during pregnancy is associated with placental abruption (when the placenta comes away from the lining of the uterus), miscarriage, premature birth and low birth weight.
Harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke restrict the supply of ox...

Finding a midwife

... /> Over 100 Waikato midwives are registered as lead maternity carers (LMCs) on the Find your midwife website.  Or you may want to ask friends and relatives.

For women who live in rural areas there fewer local midwives to choose from, so start looking as early as possible.
You can contact and talk to a few LMC midwives before you make your decision to select your midwife. 
You can change your LMC midwife at any point during your pregnancy.
It’s important that you f...

House officers and registrars

... version of your CV via email to  (Please include some indication of the clinical attachments/specialty areas you would be interested in working in, the length of employment you are ideally seeking and your proposed start date of employment with us. Please note: registering an expression of interest holds no guarantee of employment).

We will also require certified copies of the following documents, but our medical recruitment coordinator will r...

How are we tracking?

... services, the time it takes patients to get their first specialist assessment with the hospital consultant is measured by the Ministry of Health. How we are tracking compared to other DHBs is published here.

The Ministry of Health will also start collecting other similar data in future as part of this National Patient Flow project.

National Quality DashboardThe Health Quality & Safety Commission has a publicly-available dashboard of health system quality that shows...

Nursing & Midwifery Education Fund

... manager. All supporting documentation should be attached to application i.e. registration form, course outline etc.

You need to remember that the sign off by managers and then the approval by the directorate can take some time so you need to start the application in plenty of time for all this to happen.

Note all Course and Conference forms need to be at the travel office

A minimum of two weeks before the commencement of the course or
Two weeks...