Information for suppliers

Waikato DHB recognises that our suppliers play a critical role in supporting the Waikato DHB.

We operate in a resource constrained environment so we are continually looking for ways to be more productive, efficient and effective.

The Purchasing and Distribution Department are responsible for all purchasing and procurement processes for capital expense items, consumables and services.

Retail outlets information

What we are looking for from both our current suppliers and potential suppliers?

Distribution CentreWe are interested in retaining and establishing business with suppliers who provide:

  • Quality

    Are committed to providing quality products, customer service, support and responsiveness.

  • Focus

    Focused on making it easy to do business and exceeding our expectations

  • Savings

    Competitive pricing and continually look for ways to help us reduce costs

  • Innovation

    Are willing to work towards process improvement and propose innovative ideas

  • Technology

    Provide technical expertise, inform us of new technology and keep us informed of market developments


To select suppliers we would normally undertaken some form of tender process. In general, Requests for Quotation, Requests for Information, Expressions of Interest, Requests for Proposal, and Tenders are advertised on the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS) website(external link).

Suppliers may register with GETS to gain access to public sector tender information.

Purchasing goods / service

When transacting business it is Waikato DHB’s responsibility to supply you with a valid purchase order clearly specifying the goods and/or services it wishes to procure.

It is your responsibility not to supply goods and/or services unless you receive a valid purchase order.

If Waikato DHB receives an invoice without firstly issuing a valid purchase order Waikato DHB may choose not to pay your invoice.

Access to Waikato DHB sites

The Business Visitors Policy governs all access to the Waikato DHB sites. The current policy means business visitors must sign in as a visitor.

New suppliers

It is vital that supplier details and payments are managed in a manner that will assist with the establishment of a good business relationship from the beginning.

Our new supplier process has been designed and developed to ensure information is exchanged and the administrative process for both parties is established. It establishes the rules of the business relationship to prevent any misunderstanding and clearly states our requirements and expectations.

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